Preparation of This Skin Care Before Marriage

wedding skin care

Skin Care Before Marriage

The days before the wedding will certainly be very stressful. It seems, almost every woman wants her wedding day to be perfectly flawless. Not only with mental and material preparation, but also by doing some skin care preparations before marriage.

The expertise of a professional makeup artist will not be maximal if the bride does not maintain her skin condition a few months before the wedding day. Try doing a series of facial and body skin treatments like the following, so that your appearance looks excellent on a special day.


In order for skin to look fresher, facials become one of the skin treatments before marriage. Perform facials in your trust care place – at least 2 to 4 weeks before the wedding day. Avoid facials one week before the day, to avoid side effects of redness or exfoliation.


Use a mask for one to two months before the wedding day, with a frequency of once a week. Use a mask that suits your skin type and needs.

If you are in doubt about a commercially available mask, you can mix your own masks using natural ingredients such as cucumbers, tomatoes, yogurt, egg whites to avocados.


Even though you have routinely done skin care through professional beauty staff and clinics, the bad effects of pollution are not easy for you to avoid. Try to always clean your face – especially after a day of activity and before going to bed. Complete with a night cream that hydrates the skin while you rest, and contains anti-aging.


One key to fighting premature aging of the skin is to use sunscreen on a regular basis. Moreover, sunscreen helps prevent dry skin and darkening of skin pigments. Remind yourself to be disciplined in using sunscreen every day – even though you are indoors.

wedding skin care


Perform scrubbing once a week, at least two months before the wedding day. Scrubbing aims to exfoliate the skin which is useful for removing dead skin cells, cleansing pores on the skin of the face and body, while accelerating the regeneration of skin cells. This treatment is only recommended for facial skin without acne.


Lulur is one of the traditional skin treatments carried out by Javanese women before marriage. This habit has been going on since the Kingdom era. The aim is to make the skin of the body look smoother, firmer and glowing when welcoming potential husbands. Besides using professional services, you can also make scrubs yourself according to skin needs.


Keep your skin hydrated regularly by consuming mineral water, fruit and vegetables. If necessary, also consume health supplements such as folic acid, vitamin C and fish oil.


What other preparations before marriage?

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Note : Do not do skin care and beauty tips before consulting with your doctor.

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