It’s Kind of Women Are Reluctant to Check Cancer Risk on Breasts

There are several reasons why women are reluctant to do self-examination.

Breast self-examination is one of the fastest methods for knowing one’s cancer risk. But a research found there are several reasons that women put forward so reluctant to do so.

The study, published in the journal Body Image, shows some women are reluctant to do the self-examination because she is not satisfied with the size of her breasts.

This is based on observations of 384 British women where 31 percent want smaller breasts whereas 44 percent of other respondents want larger breasts.

Regarding self-examination, there is one-third of respondents who admitted rarely or even never do breast self-examination independently to determine the presence or absence of cancer risk.

The average of the respondents is also less confident in its ability to detect any lumps or significant changes in breast cancer.

55 Percent of respondents said they would see a doctor as soon as they found a change in their breasts. Nevertheless, one in 10 respondents tends to procrastinate to consult a doctor if it does happen. Some even say they will not see a doctor.

“For women who are not satisfied with the size of her breasts, the need to examine her breasts is just like a threat to their body image, so they then avoid it.

On the other hand, further investigation, breast examination may trigger negative emotions such as shyness.

Breast examination should ideally be done once a month, especially in the weeks after menstruation. Not only women, men also need to do it.

“If you find something unusual, consult your doctor – it’s not always cancer, but if true, these findings will make a real difference,” Sophia Lowes of Cancer Research UK