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Skin health is an important thing to maintain. If our skin is not healthy, then there will be something that is less than ourselves. That is because the skin also contributes part of our appearance, just imagine if you have a lot of deficiencies in your mind, for example having phlegm, ringworm, acne scars and other things that appear, certainly will greatly reduce the value of our appearance.

Maintaining skin health has many advantages for us. If we have healthy skin, we will certainly avoid skin diseases and it will certainly make us look fresher and younger. Many ways to treat skin health that we can do. Here are tips to keep our skin healthy.

How to treat skin health everyday:
1. Don’t forget to clean your face, like washing your face according to your skin type. If oily skin uses one that contains almonds and avocados, while dry skin types use soap containing honey so that the skin looks moist, and if normal can use tea or green tea. If facial washing soap contains a type of scrub, do not use it every day but use it twice a week because the skin will quickly become dry and irritation occurs. Wash your face every day at least 2 times a day. Washing the face of the skin will avoid acne and the skin will be more fresh and supple.

2. The second step is to not forget to take a bath at least 2 times a day, do it with the whole body, including the back shoulder, the neck section both the back and front area, and the groin area and the toe and fingers.

Maybe often we forget when taking a shower we quickly finish our shower and hurry without paying attention to the parts of the body that we have to clean, even though those times when we bathe we can clean the total body, even when bathing with aromatherapy, we can get rid of fatigue and our body and mind become relaxed. Moreover, all day we sweat and the body becomes dirty even if it is not visible.

3. The third step is not to forget if you travel out of the room either at the office or in the field, do not forget to use sunblock protective so the skin does not burn and becomes black and dry. Whereas if you are in an air conditioned room don’t forget to use a moisturizer or lotion to avoid dryness so that the skin is quick to wrinkle because it is dry.

4. The latter do not forget to pay attention to food and drinks for health that are consumed every day, nutritious and high in fiber and contain liquids and minerals.

If you want to get beautiful health, beautiful and charming skin, here are tips:

1. Clean your face carefully with cleansers in the morning, afternoon and evening. Because clean skin is more resistant or immune to acne and spots.

2. Clean the remnants of makeup that is still attached to the face or on the skin with toner, which can make the skin feel refreshed.

3. Then follow with the use of a moisturizer that fits on the skin to soften and protect the skin, and prevent dehydration.

4. Use a night cream (nighttime special cream) to nourish and repair the skin when we sleep.

5. And for special care, use a scrub and mask once or twice a week, it serves to increase the efficiency of our daily routine.

Note : Please do not follow these tips before consulting a doctor.

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