Tips for Prospective Brides to Look Beautiful in Marriage

wedding skin tips

Wedding Skin Tips and Wedding Gift

Marriage for the bride is sacred and may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for someone. This event for the bride is an event that will not be forgotten until whenever and everyone wants the wedding to look very attractive. One and the most important is to choose a display treatment so that prospective brides can look beautiful in a wedding.

The job of the bridal groom is to beauty health the bride and groom on her special day. But as great and professional as a make-up artist, the results of makeup are difficult to maximize when the bride’s facial skin is not in her best condition.

So that the face of the bride looks fresh, radiant and not dull, there are several ways you can do before the wedding day. These tips are given by two famous make-up artists who often handle the makeup of celebrities as well as socialite when they are married. What are their suggestions? The following reviews are only for you. Don’t forget, just remind that marriage preparation is not just a matter of beauty but there is also something very important, namely a wedding gift or souvenir pernikahan and you can find in

This method functions to regenerate the bride’s skin and release dead skin cells, causing the skin to look dry and dull. Not only that, scrubbing can also remove dirt that clogs the bride’s pores so that the skin can breathe.

This is done so that the condition of the bride’s face after facials, such as dry skin peeling and swelling can be neutralized first. In addition to facials, wearing a mask for the bride is also an activity that must be done by the bride.

Drinking water
Although the prospective bride has done a series of facial treatments, the results will certainly not be maximal if it is not balanced with treatment from the body. According to this man born May 30, 1986, the method is quite easy. Drink enough water every day to help maintain facial moisture levels so the bride looks fresher.

Use Lip Moisturizer
Use lip moisturizer products that contain vitamin E a few days before to prevent the bride’s lips from cracking. When finished brushing your teeth, gently rub your bride’s lips so that the cracked skin can disappear.

Smoothing Eyebrows
do at least two days before the day to reduce the worst possibilities, such as redness, wrong pull, and others.

Drink Herbal Herbs
it’s good for the bride to drink a decoction of betel leaf to reduce body odor that comes from inside. Betel leaves contain substances that can minimize the process of perspiration. brides may also consume at least one handful of basil leaves a day to eliminate body odor due to digestive disorders, gastric inflammation, and gas in the intestine.

Do a diet If the bride feels the need, but do it before you start ordering kebaya or bride dresses. If you have reached the desired weight, keep your weight from rising or falling until the day of H. If there is a sudden overhaul of the gown or kebaya the bride will make a change in shape, the stitches may not be neat.

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